Friday, July 20, 2012

The Birth Story

I'm going to try and get this out in the most positive way possible (But I can't promise not to divulge way too many details). Lately I've had memories of the birth and they haven't been good ones so I want to try to write out the full story so that I can remember both the bad AND the good! What I received at the end of the labor is most definitely the best part!

It all began on December 30th, 2011... (Friday) Stephen had asked for the day off because I had gotten a distinct feeling that he and I needed to go on one last date before Chandler got here. It was an amazing date! We didn't do too much, we just hung out around the house for a little while and got a couple of baby things put together (changing station, bouncer, receiving blankets, hospital bags) and then went to Red Robin and a dollar movie. While at Red Robin, I realized just how big I was when the hostess asked if I was having twins and I just said "Uh, no...I'm 39.5 weeks pregnant." I tried to not be too upset because I really love their food so thankfully it didn't ruin the meal!

After we left there, we headed to Jenny's (the mother-in-law) house for a New Year's Eve Eve party since we had plans for the following night with friends. The cousins brought over Just Dance 3 and while I was watching everyone play I was thinking "Man, that looks like a lot of fun and I actually think I have the energy to do it!" so Stephen and I danced to several songs and I was feeling great! I wasn't having any of the contractions I'd been having and Chandler seemed to enjoy the movement. When we were about to head home Stephen's grandmother told me that if I was tired of being pregnant that I could take castor oil with orange juice and that it would jumpstart my labor......Sooooooo
Before we actually went home we stopped at Wal-Mart to buy Castor Oil and toilet paper (you have no idea how grateful I am that we bought both!). I didn't need to buy the orange juice since I'd been taking the awful iron that you mix in with orange juice--gag me!! So anyways, when we got home I asked Stephen if he thought I should wait until the morning to take it or if I should take it before bed. He said he didn't know but it'd be fine for me to take it before bed. Well we both learned our lesson!!!!!!!!!

At 2 am I woke up with AWFUL cramps! I thought I'd just eaten something bad and it was coming back to haunt me but I spent the next 45 minutes going from the toilet to the shower to swaying to trying to do anything to make the pain slow down or stop. By 3:30 I woke Stephen up and told him my contractions were 5 minutes apart and that they were really strong and I felt like we needed to go. We'd had several false alarms in my 3rd trimester so he was reluctant to get out of bed but when he saw me on all fours in the floor he believed me. I wish I had've stayed at home longer because the shower felt amazing for the pain!!

When we got to the hospital it was 4:20 and the ride there had been very bumpy and all I wanted was to get back in the water. They got me all hooked up to the monitor and said I'd need to wait until they checked me before I could get in the water. I was at a 1. 5!!!! What the?!  So just when they were about to say the words "you need to go back home" I had a giant rush of fluid come out and I said "Either I can't control my pee or my water just broke!" Sure enough, they said my water just broke and for me to stay in the bed for a little while so they can get me "really" checked in......

Nurse Shift Change

Introducing the meanest nurse I've ever met that like NEVER smiles....ever.

I kept begging to get in the water or to get up and walk around and she said that until she had 30 minutes of good feed from the monitor that I had to stay put...on my left side...with oxygen....
Really?!?! Ok, then I need to pee!

I went to the bathroom and I'll just say that I took my nice sweet time in there....

When I got back from the bathroom they hooked me back to the monitor and checked me one more time for good measure....4cm

By this time I'm wanting everyone to stop touching me and to get the kid out! I had no idea what time it was but I was tired and I was in pain and no one would let me do what I felt like my body needed to do. I had high blood pressure and Chandler kept dropping off the monitor.
Finally they get the midwife in there and I start begging for a c-section or for her to just get the kid out (This translated to her that I wanted anesthesia...Thank you God for inventing such a thing!!)

I was trying to go natural but since I was confined to the bed, I took the epidural and I thought it would just be smooth sailing from then on but now I can tell the nurses are getting stressed because they're having one emergency c-section after another but I'm also at 8 !! The midwife rolls me to another side because the baby isn't in proper position to push so in the midst of all this rolling and manhandling (legs being numbed renders you pretty much useless...) I start to feel my pain coming back really strong so I push the button for a "boost"....couple hours go by and now the pain is super bad and it's almost completely worn off and I'm at a 10 when the nurse notices my shoulder is wet. Normally they would just have me push but all our nurses are in surgeries so they wheel me to a room they're performing a c section in so the anesthesiologist can fix my epidural but it's too late my body is already bearing down and when we get to my room I start pushing with the pain. To the shock and amazement of the nurses "she's a good pusher!"

Why didn't they just let me push 2 hours ago? They thought that as a first time mom I'd be pushing for hours so they just let my body do a lot of work. Uggh.

So after 45 mins of pushing Chandler Ryan Chucay was finally here at 1:44pm and it was amazing!!!! I couldn't believe how beautiful he was and how we now had a beautiful baby boy! 8lbs 5oz 21inches long!

Recovery was rough because I had 2nd and 3rd degree tears and lots of stitches but I had a lot of great help and would go through all of the pain and swelling again!!

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  1. 1. I can't believe that hostess actually asked if you were having twins. You should have asked for a free meal after that one! haha!
    2. I should not have read this, at least not for another 3 months! I'm already panicking about how labor and delivery are going to be. Oh no.