Friday, July 20, 2012

Chandler at 6.5 months

So I kinda stink at updating lately but Chandler's 6 month stats are as follows

HEIGHT: 27 in.
WEIGHT: 17 lbs 2 oz
HEAD: 17.3 in

This kid these days has a very STRONG will to go go go! He never wants to sit still and if you are holding him he wants to bounce up and down on your lap.
He's a TOTAL flirt! I can always tell when he's distracting someone in church because he just holds onto my neck and makes little noises.

I love this little guy so much and it's so much fun seeing him play with me and his daddy. I thought that I would have trouble finding more love for him because that first day with him was so amazing, but sure enough as these months have gone on, I love him EVEN MORE!!!

He's super close to crawling and pulling himself up on furniture. He lunges out of people's arms and if you're not quick, he'll roll away. I couldn't find him the other day because I'd gone into the other room and when I came back, he'd rolled under the crib. Definitely keeping me on my toes...

He loves to scream whether he's happy or sad, but he very rarely cries. He'll grunt and let you know that he's not happy or whine but not just full on crying. He makes so many noises and blows rasberries on your cheek instead of kisses.

His favorite foods right now are sweet potato puffs, strawberry mango frozen puree, and mommy's milk (I think it's really just the closeness of mommy that he still needs)

We've tried to get him to sleep in his bed, but we all just get more sleep if he sleeps in the bed with me. When we have a room all for him then we'll work on it, but it's just not worth the tears/screams right now.

Again, I love this kid soooooooo much! He's my world!

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