Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas Adam!

Because Adam came before Eve....

Anyways, I just thought that I would write a post that isn't about my pregnancy and focus on what's actually going on this season!

I get so excited about giving my husband gifts that I kinda forget that it's one of those holidays where we're supposed to EXCHANGE gifts, and not like a birthday where it's all about him. But I don't mind giving and not getting. So last night I went to Wal-mart to get my last minute items and when he woke up from his nap (He'd been feeling bad all day) I gave him some Tylenol to make sure his fever was still broken and keep it away and then convinced him to let me give him one gift. Then when I saw how excited he got about THAT gift, I wanted to give them all to him! So...I did. Except his stocking, because that really is a Christmas thing!

I truly love this time of year and I'm looking forward to Chandler joining us soon, I just hope that Stephen has a padlock on the closets when we buy Chandler's gifts because I might give Chandler his gifts early too! Eeeeek! (When he's older of course...)

And here's a little video to help us remember the spirit of Christmas.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

38 Weeks and a Morphine Shot!

Tomorrow I hit 38 weeks. I'm definitely bigger than a house at this point and am anticipating this kid's arrival!

On Tuesday night/Wednesday morning we went to OB emergency for what we THOUGHT was the real deal...I wasn't in active labor but man was my back KILLING me with every contraction. It doesn't help that they have you laying on your back attached to all the machines and not able to move or the baby's heart rate will drop off the monitor and give everyone a good scare. We were there for about 3 hours and they checked my cervix and I'm no longer at a 1! Now...I'm at a 2!
So I have what they like to call "an irritable uterus" to where I contract and contract constantly and don't get very far.

I did learn that my belly needs to be as hard as my forehead when I'm contracting and then those contractions should be intense enough to say that I'm in labor.

So I wasn't in active labor but that didn't solve the pain issue and the longer I laid there the worse it was getting so they got a hospital gown and rolled it up and put it in their blanket warmer and made me a nice little heat pack. That gave me a little bit of relief while laying there but I knew that I wasn't gonna sleep unless I got some pain meds so I paged the nurses and the midwife said they needed to wait for my lab results and then they could discuss pain medicine with me. I finally was told I could go home and they let me get dressed and then offered me a morphine shot. I've never used strong pain meds and if they were ever prescribed for me I would only take them when the pain got unbearable. I was pretty nervous because I can get loopy on Nyquil, much less a narcotic! But I was desperate so I got the shot. I'm pretty sure that Stephen was grateful we don't drink after Tuesday night because I was HIGHER THAN A KITE!

I didn't really feel any different on the drive home from the hospital but once we got to the apartment I told Stephen that we lived too far from the hospital because I couldn't feel my face. He had to help me up the stairs and for some reason everything was very funny. I was giggling and crying all the way up the stairs. I was very afraid of our neighbors waking up and thinking that I was drunk, and then having to explain that I was just drugged up on morphine probably wouldn't sound much better. I think my husband probably would've stepped in and explained for me, but I didn't want people to think badly of the pregnant neighbor. Anyways, when Stephen finally got me up the stairs and inside the apartment I couldn't stand up very well so I ended up falling over and although Stephen thought it was funny, he was worried that I hit my belly really hard but didn't know how hard I fell because his back was turned.

I finally got to bed and stayed there for the rest of Wednesday. Can I just say that I REALLY really REALLY hate feeling like that? I hate not having control over my body and sounding like an idiot. I had a midwife appointment at 10:40 on Wednesday but when my alarm went off I told Stephen that I knew I shouldn't drive because the room was spinning.

I'm just very grateful for the Word of Wisdom. I choose to not drink or use drugs that would make me feel like this. I know that medicine is wonderful and I'm glad that the pain is no longer there, but thank goodness I don't choose to feel like that on a regular basis! Not only would I make a fool of myself, but I would endanger others with just how loopy I get.
I didn't plan on this post being a testimony post but, I feel it's necessary.

I know that the Word of Wisdom was revealed to Joseph Smith for a day and time like this. When there's narcotics that can do marvelous things in medicine, but can also be abused and cause lots of harm and can ruin families. I'm so grateful for the WoW, and I know that it helps me to have a healthy body and a clear mind. I also know that I'm able to receive personal revelation because I have a clear mind. I love my Heavenly Father, and I'm so glad that He gave this revelation to us. I don't think that I appreciated the WoW before because I really liked coffee and tea, but since giving it up I can sleep better and I am not dependent on anything to wake up in the morning. Granted, it may take a little while for me to feel joyous in the morning, but I don't NEED anything to wake up. I don't need caffeine at all during the day. It feels good not to rely on a substance. I also know that I don't have to rely on pain killers. Again, I'm just so grateful for the WoW in my life and every day there's more opportunities for me to see what a blessing it truly is in my life. I know there's more to the WoW than just the drugs, alcohol, coffee, and tea. Those are the basics. I'm looking forward to taking it to the next step of eating less meat and exercising more. I already cut caffeine out, and I feel much better and don't get nearly as many headaches!

So I'll step down from the honorary internet pulpit now, but I just felt that I needed to express why something so simple is so important to me. I know that many people have questioned why I joined the church, and why I would like a church that has so many "rules", but I'm glad that I have structure in my religion and that it's not gray. I know that I should and should not do certain things and because I obey those guidelines, I'm rewarded with more revelation that helps me and my family to be better. This is not only physical rewards, but those are actual proof. The other rewards that I receive are personal and no one but me needs to understand them. It's nice when I can share those rewards with my husband and it's been a very trying 2 years, but we both agree it's been the best 2 years of our lives. I don't think I would know what to do if we only had time, because time doesn't seem long enough. Families can be together forever, and that is such splendid news to me!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

He can come any day now....

So at the last visit to the midwife, I was told that we're officially out of the woods with pre-term labor scares and that he's allowed to come whenever he chooses!
So now, it's just a waiting game....

We have a shower planned for the 10th, but there's also a full moon that night so I'm thinking that there could be a very interesting shower story of my water breaking and Stephen having to deliver the baby at the Chesnut's home....Yeah....That would be fun!
Oh and I'm 36 weeks on Tuesday the 6th