Tuesday, November 15, 2011

33 Weeks!

This little womb piggy is getting big!!

Our little pre-term labor scare has passed for the most part, now I just have to take it easy and am only able to work 4-5 hours a day. By the time I get home from those small shifts, I'm usually beat!
I wanted to mention a couple of things that I've noticed as "symptoms" lately...

*Baby hairs- they've sprouted up all over my hairline and make styling very difficult
*Miracle Gro Nails- I cut them, 2 days later they're long. And they're super thick!
*Itchy Belly- It's sure stretching, has the marks to prove it! And it itches sooooo much!

Those are the fun little symptoms that I have that I like to think about so I don't focus on the negative....Aches and Pains have become prevalent but I'm sure that's expected by 8 months.

I'm getting really anxious to meet this little one!!!
49 days or less....

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