Tuesday, September 6, 2011

23 Weeks

So I've really really stunk at blogging lately! Anyways, here's a quick little update:

At 20 weeks I could distinctly feel kicks but Stephen still couldn't. I went to Pecos for a baby shower and to visit with my family and when I got back Stephen was able to FINALLY feel a kick!

A couple nights ago he put his face on my belly and Chandler kicked him in the face :D I thought it was pretty funny!

We've also moved into a new apartment and we LOVE it! It's a two bedroom apartment and has a shower that produces actual hot water! Chandler's room doesn't have much in there yet except a lot of his clothes, a rocking chair, and a stroller. It is nice to sit in there and just think about him though.

So far, Chandler is a night-time baby. He wakes up at about 11 and kicks and flops around in there for a good hour. He also will be really active while I'm at work. I think it's because he hears my voice a lot.
So that's my little update! I think we've narrowed the middle names down to two now, so we'll be letting everyone know when we know! I am getting really excited to meet this little boy.

Oh and as far as symptoms go, I'm really not having anything except swollen feet! Other than that, I feel absolutely amazing!