Tuesday, August 2, 2011

17&18 weeks!!

This time is passing way too fast! I could've sworn I did a 17 week update, but I guess I just forgot!

So now a days, I can feel baby movement and recognize that it is for sure moving around in there. "It" is the most active towards the later part of my work day and right before I go to bed. Getting comfortable at night is getting more and more challenging as my belly grows! Thankfully I've only gained 2 pounds and the baby is just making my evenly distributed fat a little less even! 

On Friday August 5th, we go in for an ultrasound with our midwife and this is the BIG ultrasound! I'm very excited and hope that the little one cooperates and let's us see the goods! 

In the last few days I've been feeling more and more like it's a boy, although I'd be happy with either one. I really don't even look at girl's clothing, just boys. If it's a girl I might have to remind myself a couple of times ;) 

As far as any symptoms go, I'm not having any sickness anymore. I do burp A LOT and I can't eat big meals all at once or I'll feel full for the next 6 hours. This has actually been an amazing trimester and I understand why it's the honeymoon phase of pregnancy! I'm getting pretty excited to meet our little one, and I'm excited to finally start calling "it" by his/her name! 

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