Wednesday, July 20, 2011

16 weeks!!

That little guy or gal sure is growing in there!! 
We went to the Midwife last Friday and found out that I'm actually measuring 3 weeks ahead of schedule! The heartbeat reflected that by only being about 137-138. We have our BIG ultrasound on August 5th at 11:15 am! Hopefully we can see the goods and know what this little one is! I'm so excited!!! 
Also, Stephen and I finally decided on all of the cloth diapers that we're gonna use which are: Lil Joeys Newborn All in One diapers, Fuzzibuns one size pocket diapers, BumGenius one size pocket diapers, and Flip one size hybrid diapers! We're very excited....Ok, I'm very excited to start getting these!! 
Most of them are on our diaper registry except Lil Joeys, they're only available on certain sites. 

Our diaper registry is at and just search for Bla Chu and it usually brings me up :) 

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