Monday, February 7, 2011

The 5K Training...

I have a friend who is about to turn 27. She made a list of things that she wants to in her 27th year and one of the things is she wants to run a 5k...well then it turned into a 10k! The woman is my inspiration!!  She also is working to reach her goal weight and has already lost 20 pounds!!

Well I'm not going to make a whole list of things that I want to do (yet) but I've been talking about training to run a 5K since last summer and by golly, I'm gonna do it!

I also would like to reach my goal weight of 114 lbs. I know a lot of people have told me that I look great the way I am and so on but I DON'T FEEL GREAT and I think that's the most important part! I have a very small frame, so the weight I'm at right now is actually dangerous territory for me... I was 120 when I graduated high school, I'm now around 135-140. I'm getting a scale tonight at walmart and will take a picture of the actual number.

I've never really felt very good about my body, so I'm wanting to change that and hopefully make this a complete life change so I can be an inspiration to my children if they ever struggle with self-esteem problems.

So today was Day 1 and I was to run/walk at 1 minute intervals 10 times for a total of 20 minutes. I was doing really really good and was almost done (i was on the 8th time I think) when I got a TERRIBLE cramp and nearly tumbled off the treadmill. I'm not going to move onto "day 2" training just yet until I can actually accomplish what I was supposed to do in Day 1 (but I'll just do it on Day 2...does that make sense?!)

Anyways, I'm hoping that the exercising will work better than my atkins plan did...Stephen and I are eating healthier thankfully, and I'm trying to cut out sugary drinks. I know this isn't going to be a quick fix, but my main goal is just to be healthier!!!


  1. You can do it! I used the Couch to 5k program when I trained for my first 5k years ago and when I started I couldn't even run 2 minutes. I can't wait for the weather to warm up so I can start running again. I've done 2 5ks and a 10k but every other year I end up sidetracked having babies lol. I might need to sign up for another 5k to get me motivated.

  2. Have you heard of the Dirty Dash? It's a mud run. It's only a 5K and it's in mud the whole time so it's super fun. You should do it! I'm going with a team in June. It's gonna be so fun!