Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas Adam!

Because Adam came before Eve....

Anyways, I just thought that I would write a post that isn't about my pregnancy and focus on what's actually going on this season!

I get so excited about giving my husband gifts that I kinda forget that it's one of those holidays where we're supposed to EXCHANGE gifts, and not like a birthday where it's all about him. But I don't mind giving and not getting. So last night I went to Wal-mart to get my last minute items and when he woke up from his nap (He'd been feeling bad all day) I gave him some Tylenol to make sure his fever was still broken and keep it away and then convinced him to let me give him one gift. Then when I saw how excited he got about THAT gift, I wanted to give them all to him! So...I did. Except his stocking, because that really is a Christmas thing!

I truly love this time of year and I'm looking forward to Chandler joining us soon, I just hope that Stephen has a padlock on the closets when we buy Chandler's gifts because I might give Chandler his gifts early too! Eeeeek! (When he's older of course...)

And here's a little video to help us remember the spirit of Christmas.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

38 Weeks and a Morphine Shot!

Tomorrow I hit 38 weeks. I'm definitely bigger than a house at this point and am anticipating this kid's arrival!

On Tuesday night/Wednesday morning we went to OB emergency for what we THOUGHT was the real deal...I wasn't in active labor but man was my back KILLING me with every contraction. It doesn't help that they have you laying on your back attached to all the machines and not able to move or the baby's heart rate will drop off the monitor and give everyone a good scare. We were there for about 3 hours and they checked my cervix and I'm no longer at a 1! Now...I'm at a 2!
So I have what they like to call "an irritable uterus" to where I contract and contract constantly and don't get very far.

I did learn that my belly needs to be as hard as my forehead when I'm contracting and then those contractions should be intense enough to say that I'm in labor.

So I wasn't in active labor but that didn't solve the pain issue and the longer I laid there the worse it was getting so they got a hospital gown and rolled it up and put it in their blanket warmer and made me a nice little heat pack. That gave me a little bit of relief while laying there but I knew that I wasn't gonna sleep unless I got some pain meds so I paged the nurses and the midwife said they needed to wait for my lab results and then they could discuss pain medicine with me. I finally was told I could go home and they let me get dressed and then offered me a morphine shot. I've never used strong pain meds and if they were ever prescribed for me I would only take them when the pain got unbearable. I was pretty nervous because I can get loopy on Nyquil, much less a narcotic! But I was desperate so I got the shot. I'm pretty sure that Stephen was grateful we don't drink after Tuesday night because I was HIGHER THAN A KITE!

I didn't really feel any different on the drive home from the hospital but once we got to the apartment I told Stephen that we lived too far from the hospital because I couldn't feel my face. He had to help me up the stairs and for some reason everything was very funny. I was giggling and crying all the way up the stairs. I was very afraid of our neighbors waking up and thinking that I was drunk, and then having to explain that I was just drugged up on morphine probably wouldn't sound much better. I think my husband probably would've stepped in and explained for me, but I didn't want people to think badly of the pregnant neighbor. Anyways, when Stephen finally got me up the stairs and inside the apartment I couldn't stand up very well so I ended up falling over and although Stephen thought it was funny, he was worried that I hit my belly really hard but didn't know how hard I fell because his back was turned.

I finally got to bed and stayed there for the rest of Wednesday. Can I just say that I REALLY really REALLY hate feeling like that? I hate not having control over my body and sounding like an idiot. I had a midwife appointment at 10:40 on Wednesday but when my alarm went off I told Stephen that I knew I shouldn't drive because the room was spinning.

I'm just very grateful for the Word of Wisdom. I choose to not drink or use drugs that would make me feel like this. I know that medicine is wonderful and I'm glad that the pain is no longer there, but thank goodness I don't choose to feel like that on a regular basis! Not only would I make a fool of myself, but I would endanger others with just how loopy I get.
I didn't plan on this post being a testimony post but, I feel it's necessary.

I know that the Word of Wisdom was revealed to Joseph Smith for a day and time like this. When there's narcotics that can do marvelous things in medicine, but can also be abused and cause lots of harm and can ruin families. I'm so grateful for the WoW, and I know that it helps me to have a healthy body and a clear mind. I also know that I'm able to receive personal revelation because I have a clear mind. I love my Heavenly Father, and I'm so glad that He gave this revelation to us. I don't think that I appreciated the WoW before because I really liked coffee and tea, but since giving it up I can sleep better and I am not dependent on anything to wake up in the morning. Granted, it may take a little while for me to feel joyous in the morning, but I don't NEED anything to wake up. I don't need caffeine at all during the day. It feels good not to rely on a substance. I also know that I don't have to rely on pain killers. Again, I'm just so grateful for the WoW in my life and every day there's more opportunities for me to see what a blessing it truly is in my life. I know there's more to the WoW than just the drugs, alcohol, coffee, and tea. Those are the basics. I'm looking forward to taking it to the next step of eating less meat and exercising more. I already cut caffeine out, and I feel much better and don't get nearly as many headaches!

So I'll step down from the honorary internet pulpit now, but I just felt that I needed to express why something so simple is so important to me. I know that many people have questioned why I joined the church, and why I would like a church that has so many "rules", but I'm glad that I have structure in my religion and that it's not gray. I know that I should and should not do certain things and because I obey those guidelines, I'm rewarded with more revelation that helps me and my family to be better. This is not only physical rewards, but those are actual proof. The other rewards that I receive are personal and no one but me needs to understand them. It's nice when I can share those rewards with my husband and it's been a very trying 2 years, but we both agree it's been the best 2 years of our lives. I don't think I would know what to do if we only had time, because time doesn't seem long enough. Families can be together forever, and that is such splendid news to me!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

He can come any day now....

So at the last visit to the midwife, I was told that we're officially out of the woods with pre-term labor scares and that he's allowed to come whenever he chooses!
So now, it's just a waiting game....

We have a shower planned for the 10th, but there's also a full moon that night so I'm thinking that there could be a very interesting shower story of my water breaking and Stephen having to deliver the baby at the Chesnut's home....Yeah....That would be fun!
Oh and I'm 36 weeks on Tuesday the 6th

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

maternity pics!!

We had our pictures taken by Stephen's sister, and I think she did an amazing job!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

33 Weeks!

This little womb piggy is getting big!!

Our little pre-term labor scare has passed for the most part, now I just have to take it easy and am only able to work 4-5 hours a day. By the time I get home from those small shifts, I'm usually beat!
I wanted to mention a couple of things that I've noticed as "symptoms" lately...

*Baby hairs- they've sprouted up all over my hairline and make styling very difficult
*Miracle Gro Nails- I cut them, 2 days later they're long. And they're super thick!
*Itchy Belly- It's sure stretching, has the marks to prove it! And it itches sooooo much!

Those are the fun little symptoms that I have that I like to think about so I don't focus on the negative....Aches and Pains have become prevalent but I'm sure that's expected by 8 months.

I'm getting really anxious to meet this little one!!!
49 days or less....

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The very crazy last few days....

Let's start with Friday...Friday I was FINE! I was having normal aches and pains, but by the third trimester that's to be expected, right? Well at my appointment they talked to me about the usual stuff of weight gain and told me my blood pressure was a little elevated but nothing too bad and then we discussed things that could go on in my labor and what not....

Then Saturday morning comes and I just don't feel right. I don't know really how to explain it but I thought I was just getting a cold or something so I stayed home from work and took some benadryll to try and kick the cold before it got any worse. I rested the whole day not doing much at all and just spent time with Stephen and enjoyed Chandler kicking up a storm. Sunday morning rolls around and I can barely stay out of the bed. I put away some laundry, put some dishes in the dishwasher, and then I had to take another nap! When I woke up, we got ready for my birthday party but I still was really sleepy. I thought I was hiding it well but Stephen's family knows me pretty well already and his mom and grandma both said I looked really tired. Which in my hormonal pregnant mind means "You looked awful!" But I know that's not what they mean :)

So Halloween rolls around and I wake up with this new pressure in my pelvis and I realize that Chandler sure is "Stretching" a lot. I make an appointment with the midwife just to find out what's going on and that darn kid is trying to come out!! They told me that I was in the early stages of pre-term labor!!

All that stretching really was contractions and I was having one about every 3-4 minutes. Who Knew!

So they check my cervix and I'm 1 cm dilated, and "softer" than they're comfortable with. The midwife (Sarah) says she really wants me to go up to OB Emergency to be monitored but all I can think about is "Oh great, that's gonna cost a lot of money that we don't have" so she gives me a second option....I can wait 2 hours, drink lots of water, and then she can check me again before making her final decision. In that time that I'm waiting she'll run a test that is called Fetal Fibranactin or something like that and it's basically a prediction of if you'll go into labor in the next 2 weeks.

The test that she ran apparently is really great at saying when you WILL NOT go into labor, and it's usually 99% accurate in that department. It's not so great at saying if you really WILL go into labor early if you receive a positive result. It's about an 11% chance that you'll go into labor in the next 2 weeks if you receive a positive result. Guess which one we got...Of course we had to receive a positive test!

I was checked 2 hours later, and she thought I was about at 1.5cm and finally said I have to get upstairs and get on the monitors.

Since the OB emergency visit, (I did have to go back on Tuesday as well), the team up there ordered me to complete bed rest for the rest of the week and I have to have a follow-up with the midwife in the clinic.

Wednesday rolls around.....
I go to my follow-up appointment and as far as baby staying put things are looking good but my blood pressure is up again and I've lost weight and there's protein in my urine. Instructions are still resting for the week and try on Monday to see how things are going but since they're now worried about toxemia I have to come back AGAIN on Friday!!! I definitely had some tears at this appointment, I'm not gonna lie.

So here I home...just being as lazy as possible so that I don't go into pre-term labor.

On a MAJORLY bright side, I had my baby shower last night at Stephen's mom's house and had such a great time! The ladies from the ward brought me gifts of all their favorite things like butt paste, bag balm, and Parent's Choice diapers. I am so grateful to be surrounded by so many awesome people! Stephen has been amazing through all of this as well. He makes sure that I'm eating and that I'm drinking enough water. I really am a blessed girl!

Now as for if Chandler decides to make an early appearance...This is the game-plan
If I get to 3 cm then they'll give me steroids to strengthen Chandler's lungs and medicine to SLOW my labor but they won't stop it. I'll be admitted to the hospital and probably will be handed over to the High Risk medical team instead of the Midwives. That really makes me sad because the Midwife team has been so amazing this entire pregnancy and I just don't want to go back to just being a "patient" I really like being a person and them being considerate of how I feel about certain tests and so on.

But here I wait and hopefully Chandler just stays put for the next 6 weeks!! (Or Longer!)

Thursday, October 27, 2011

30 weeks and Birthday!!!

So I've been really bad at this whole blog thing lately, here's a quick update!! I'm the big 2-1 and I'm also 30 week pregnant!! Here's a 21 year old Blair Face :)

21 year old Blair!! (Ok, still 20 when this was taken) 
Birthday Breakfast

"I just said Happy Birthday Cynthia didn't I?!?! I'm so sorry!!" 

It's really early...


Time for work

Off we go!

Department Apps gave me some birthday candy!

Lisa took me to lunch

Yeah, I'm that expensive...

Yay food!!

My mom called!!



Work it....

Never-ending Hot Cocoa

The glorious food! 

We both forgot our wallets?!
So all in all the day was pretty spectacular! Stephen did forget his wallet so the only downside to today was waiting at IHOP for him to get back with his wallet....I'm so thankful to have such a great family and supportive friends! Stephen really makes life a lot of fun and I'm really excited to see him as a father.

As far as a Chandler update, he's EXTREMELY active and sometimes it feels like someone has a plate of jello in my stomach and they're violently shaking it. His favorite side to hang out on is my right side and he does this stretching thing that makes it pretty hard to breathe until he decides to stop stretching. I've had quite a few Braxton Hicks contractions and I can already tell that labor is going to be just oh so much f-u-n. We have two baby showers planned, and like I said, I really am surrounded by the greatest support system!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

23 Weeks

So I've really really stunk at blogging lately! Anyways, here's a quick little update:

At 20 weeks I could distinctly feel kicks but Stephen still couldn't. I went to Pecos for a baby shower and to visit with my family and when I got back Stephen was able to FINALLY feel a kick!

A couple nights ago he put his face on my belly and Chandler kicked him in the face :D I thought it was pretty funny!

We've also moved into a new apartment and we LOVE it! It's a two bedroom apartment and has a shower that produces actual hot water! Chandler's room doesn't have much in there yet except a lot of his clothes, a rocking chair, and a stroller. It is nice to sit in there and just think about him though.

So far, Chandler is a night-time baby. He wakes up at about 11 and kicks and flops around in there for a good hour. He also will be really active while I'm at work. I think it's because he hears my voice a lot.
So that's my little update! I think we've narrowed the middle names down to two now, so we'll be letting everyone know when we know! I am getting really excited to meet this little boy.

Oh and as far as symptoms go, I'm really not having anything except swollen feet! Other than that, I feel absolutely amazing!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

17&18 weeks!!

This time is passing way too fast! I could've sworn I did a 17 week update, but I guess I just forgot!

So now a days, I can feel baby movement and recognize that it is for sure moving around in there. "It" is the most active towards the later part of my work day and right before I go to bed. Getting comfortable at night is getting more and more challenging as my belly grows! Thankfully I've only gained 2 pounds and the baby is just making my evenly distributed fat a little less even! 

On Friday August 5th, we go in for an ultrasound with our midwife and this is the BIG ultrasound! I'm very excited and hope that the little one cooperates and let's us see the goods! 

In the last few days I've been feeling more and more like it's a boy, although I'd be happy with either one. I really don't even look at girl's clothing, just boys. If it's a girl I might have to remind myself a couple of times ;) 

As far as any symptoms go, I'm not having any sickness anymore. I do burp A LOT and I can't eat big meals all at once or I'll feel full for the next 6 hours. This has actually been an amazing trimester and I understand why it's the honeymoon phase of pregnancy! I'm getting pretty excited to meet our little one, and I'm excited to finally start calling "it" by his/her name! 

Saturday, July 23, 2011


I've decided to track this pregnancy on vlogs as well so here's the link to my youtube channel!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

16 weeks!!

That little guy or gal sure is growing in there!! 
We went to the Midwife last Friday and found out that I'm actually measuring 3 weeks ahead of schedule! The heartbeat reflected that by only being about 137-138. We have our BIG ultrasound on August 5th at 11:15 am! Hopefully we can see the goods and know what this little one is! I'm so excited!!! 
Also, Stephen and I finally decided on all of the cloth diapers that we're gonna use which are: Lil Joeys Newborn All in One diapers, Fuzzibuns one size pocket diapers, BumGenius one size pocket diapers, and Flip one size hybrid diapers! We're very excited....Ok, I'm very excited to start getting these!! 
Most of them are on our diaper registry except Lil Joeys, they're only available on certain sites. 

Our diaper registry is at and just search for Bla Chu and it usually brings me up :) 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

15 weeks!!

Ok, my weeks turn over on Tuesday but I really should be consistent about posting these on Wednesday! (My day off)

Baby's now the size of a naval orange!
Continuing the march toward normal proportions, baby's legs now out-measure his arms. And, finally, all four limbs have functional joints. Your fetus is squirming and wiggling like crazy down in the womb, though you probably can't feel the movements just yet.

I still haven't been able to feel any movements yet, but I can tell that my uterus is VERY active in stretching and probably bouncing all over the place! I'm pudging out quite a bit! My mother-in-law posted a picture with me (In a shirt that I did not realize was THAT see through...many years of washing I suppose) and my belly is no longer being hidden. I can no longer sleep on my belly at all because first of all I feel like I'm gonna suffocate if I try but also because there's like a little ball in my tummy now so all I can do is sleep on my sides. 

I haven't had many cravings lately but if I see a picture of something, then I automatically want it in my belly. I've really liked fruit and lettuce and especially watermelon lately! And it seems that I can't drink enough water! But it has to be super cold still because it still has the weird after taste (even purified!). 

So our next ultrasound will be on Aug 4th with the Numom2Be study, and then we'll have another one with the midwife sometime after that but don't know what day yet because our next midwife appointment isn't until Friday! 

Oh, as far as symptoms go, I'm not really having anything morning sickness-like anymore but I feel like I'm carrying super low because when I walk, I actually have begun waddling ALREADY....Shows just how short I am! And I'm no longer having dreams, I'm having movies! They're so vivid and feel so real and it's pretty annoying because I wake up so tired. I used to just have black sleep, and didn't ever remember my dreams I was just sawing logs....This I guess is a way of preparing me for the first few months of having a newborn! 

Saturday, July 9, 2011

14 weeks!

This one is just a LITTLE bit late! Oops!

So now the baby is the size of a lemon (Really it's probably bigger since I'm posting this at the END of week 14)

We got to see the ultrasound...did I already post about this?...I can't remember!

Baby was 6.7 cm and heart beat 147 bpm.

I'm feeling great now and really looking forward to feeling first kicks! I can tell where the baby is most of the time because I'll get a little twinge in the area. He/She already loves his/her daddy because when we were at Peter Pan practice, everytime it heard Stephen's voice the baby just went crazy! I had a twinge way low and then I'd have one way high, so I could tell it was probably dancing :)

I honestly can't believe how fast this is passing and I can't believe that in a few months I'm going to be giving birth! Next month we should be able to find out the gender and we're planning on having a gender reveal party with some family and friends. I've decided that I don't want to know the gender until the party when I find out with everyone but Stephen decided that he can't wait so him and a friend that will be making the cupcakes are going to be the only ones that know! Eek! Can I really be patient and wait for this?!

If I can't be patient, we'll still have the party but I think Stephen and I will just be the ones that know and it'll be revealing it to everyone else! So much fun stuff coming up in August!!! Yay!!

Thursday, June 30, 2011

13 weeks!

Baby's now the size of a peach!
Your fetus is forming teeth and vocal cords...savor this, their nonfunctional phase. Baby is approaching normal proportions, with his head now only one third the size of his body. And intestines are in the process of moving from the umbilical cord to baby's tummy -- much more convenient.

Our very bold choice....

We have now decided that we will for sure be doing cloth diapers right from birth.

I must admit I'm slightly overwhelmed because there are A LOT of cloth diapers to choose from, but I'm ready to embark on this journey! One of the main reasons is cost. It can be pretty expensive to cloth diaper at first, but then it pays for itself because you can reuse them for years and years!

Another reason that I found really important to do cloth diapers is how hot disposables can get inside all of that plastic. And lots of studies have shown infertility in males linked to disposable diapers. We also don't know the long term effects of the chemicals used to make disposable diapers.

I realize these aren't factors to worry about with other parents, but I believe this is the right choice for US!

I'm a hippie...using a midwife, cloth diapers....what's next?!

If anyone has any experience with cloth diapers, I would definitely love any advice! It's a large task to embark on, but since Stephen has been so supportive of it, I know we can do it!

Monday, June 27, 2011

12 Weeks!!

Baby's now the size of a plum!As you move into the second trimester, baby shifts into the growth and maturation stage. After weeks in the critical development stage, almost all of her systems are fully formed.

I'm starting to feel much better!! I'm super excited for my 2nd trimester!! 
I really haven't had any symptoms this week, just having to battle the flu. We have an ultrasound on thursday!!! 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

11 weeks!!

Baby's now the size of a lime!Your fetus currently enjoys a 1:1 ratio between body and head, and has skin so transparent that blood vessels show right through it. But fingers and toes are no longer webbed, and hair follicles, tooth buds, and nail beds are forming -- setting up a significantly more attractive future. 

So at the check-up on Wednesday June 15, 2011 we were finally able to hear the heartbeat! It put a lot of my worry at ease and we can hopefully now just enjoy this ride! We're almost completely out of the "scary" part where there's still a pretty high risk of miscarriage but when we heard that heartbeat, not only did we realize it was strong, the midwife said it was strong and it got stronger the longer we listened! 

As for my health, they're monitoring my thyroid and my iron. My thyroid levels were just a teeny bit higher than they should be and my iron levels are borderline right now. My blood pressure has been great so far (except once but we did it again when I wasn't so nervous about the heartbeat). I am trying to eat a lot of things high in folic acid and iron plus take my prenatal! I stopped taking the one with iron in it because it made me sick and the midwife told me that's fine to switch as long as I get it in my foods!

Morning sickness has pretty much gone away in the last week and the cramping hasn't been as bad this week. We found out I have a tilted uterus and that's the reason I've been cramping so much!! What a relief!! 

Almost done with the first trimester, and it's flown by!! 

We will have our first ultrasound on June 30 when I'm 13 weeks. We're participating in a study at the University Hospital and we get free ultrasounds and get to keep the pictures :) Thankfully it's just observational or I would NOT be participating. And we have a different midwife now, but unfortunately I can't remember her name. I will by the end of the pregnancy I'm sure! 

Saturday, June 11, 2011

10 Weeks

Baby's now the size of a prune!With bones and cartilage starting to form and vital organs beginning to function, baby is making major progress. Body length will almost double in the next three weeks, and arm joints are now working. (Soon, legs will start working too.)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Belly Update!!!

Here are some belly pictures...It's not huge, but I do have a little pudge going on! 

8 weeks

9 weeks

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

9 weeks!!

Baby's now the size of a green olive!Your little embryo has now officially graduated to fetus-hood. Adding to the excitement, a Doppler ultrasound device might be able to pick up the beating heart. With basic physical structures in place and increasingly distinct facial features, baby is kind of starting to look like...well...a baby!

This week hasn't been too bad...I've noticed that I don't have to crawl into bed every night at 9 just to survive the next day and I really haven't had to take many naps either. I'm still getting sick in the mornings but now that my job schedule has changed to me coming in later, it's easier to take it slow and eat more before heading off to work. I've had a lot of "growing pains" as my uterus has been expanding and I wish someone had've told me just because you don't get a period for a few months doesn't mean you forget about the cramps! I talked to the midwife about it, and she said it's completely normal the baby is just a growin' in there! 

I also tried a workout dvd called Yoga Momma and I learned that while pregnant, it's probably best for me to stick with things that are not clutz inducing. I don't have the same balance or flexibility that I had before and I can only imagine that it's going to get much worse! I'll stick with the elliptical machine and treadmill :) Also, the latest cravings have been pizza and Panda Express noodles. I thought pizza was going to get old, but it most certainly has not! Mmmmm! 

Oh, and we had the first appointment back last wednesday and everything turned out normal (except some heightened thyroid levels that will be getting more exams next time) and I'm measuring right where I thought I would be. My midwife is Peggy at the University and I like her very much! She listened to me and took into consideration things like cost when offering things to us. We weren't able to hear the heartbeat just yet, but she said that's normal since it was a little early for that but we will be able to hear it next visit. If not, we'll definitely have an ultra sound and be asking for prayers! 

I know that several people thought that Stephen and I were very....umm...courageous for telling everyone so soon that we're expecting. I wouldn't have had it any other way! If something happens to this darling child, I know that I can openly tell everyone that loves me that I need a little support through this. I don't want to keep it a secret, especially with as hormonal and sick as I've been. People would think I've lost my mind! 

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

8 weeks

Baby's now the size of a raspberry!
Baby is growing like mad, putting on about a millimeter every day and continuing to straighten out in the trunk. Though you can't feel it yet, baby is moving those little arms, legs, and (now only slightly) webbed fingers and toes like crazy.

Today I hit 8 weeks preggo! I'm excited....kinda. The little raspberry has been making life very difficult this week. Yesterday all I wanted to do was eat, but every time I tried NOTHING tasted good except the oh-so-good for me ice cream. Today I've got some sort of cold thing and of course, I'm being a baby about it. I just feel like everything is the end of the world due to hormones. Stephen has been great at comforting me and letting me go to bed at 9 almost every night. He's a champ, and I don't know how I would get through this pregnancy without him!! We're going to the doctor tomorrow (on his birthday) and we're gonna get to hear the heartbeat (hopefully)!!! Grandma Jenny and Auntie Lindanne are going with us too!

I can't complain about everything, because my nails have been growing like mad and my hair is nice and full of body (increased oil though). I've got a little bit of a pooch going on at the bottom of my tummy but it comes and goes. I'm still bloating up enough that I have to use the bella band for almost everything.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

7 weeks!

So I'm not going to be a complete copy-cat, but I'll give credit to Becky for the idea. 
I'm 7 weeks pregnant, or in my 8th week however you like to think/say it. My little embryo finally is starting to look a little normal and now just looks like a manatee instead of a weird contorted thing. 

Morning sickness has not been fun, and it's definitely just pregnancy sickness. Doesn't limit itself to just one time of the day. I have a pretty good appetite though. I've had my first reoccurring craving and that was pineapple but now I'm having trouble even looking at the stuff. Same with cheeseburgers. 

I scheduled my first appointment for June 10th but then I switched midwives and now my first appointment will be on Stephen's birthday, May 25th. Sadly he won't be able to go with me but his mom is going so I'll have a proud grandma there with me :) 

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Our Eternal Family...

It's been awhile since I've posted, sadly. But there's big news!!

On February 27th, Stephen and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary. We spoke in church that day and also received callings to be Sunday School teachers (together!)

and then on March 25th, Stephen and I were sealed in the Bountiful Temple for time and all eternity.

These events did not come easily...I think Satan was pulling tricks out of his butt trying to get us to not go through with it. I'm very glad that we did get sealed and we are now and eternal family.

Last night I had a long talk with Heavenly Father and realized that I already love our children, even though I don't know them yet. I'm so concerned that I don't make them proud sometimes. I want our children to be confident to know that we are their parents and that they're in good hands.
Throughout General Conference I heard so many good lessons on teaching children and I believe that it starts now so that when I actually have a child, I already know what they need to be taught. I'm very excited to one day be a mother. I know that we live in a world nowadays that things come before having a baby, like career. But I definitely feel that my career should be raising our children.(Doesn't mean I'll never work again because I'll do what I need to do!) I want Stephen to have a career, but I think he's just fine working for the Church the rest of his life.

I really am grateful for the life I have, and I'm sad that I've taken it for granted for so long.
I love Stephen so much, and I'm so happy that we are now an eternal family.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Woot Woot!!

Today was a very good day!! I woke up and hopped on the scale and I'm down 4 pounds!!

I didn't do very much cardio today at the gym but I did some weight lifting. I did 5 mins on elliptical and 5 minutes jogging on treadmill.

I'm really wanting to run a 10 minute or less mile (I don't want to walk at all when I do it)

So that's the goal I'm heading towards right now, while working on endurance running too.

I'm liking this working out thing, it really has helped me to feel better!!

Now, off to clean the apartment!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Day 2 of 5K training

Warm up: 5 minutes on treadmill (going 3.0)

Work out: Run (4.3)/Walk (3.3) 10X for 20 minutes
Heart Rate:182
Calories burned: 134

Cool Down: 5 minutes on treadmill gradually slowing down

total calories burned: 176

Very Sad Night...

So last night Stephen and I went to Wal-Mart to purchase a scale.

Well we both were shocked when we got on the scale, and I think I was shocked the most.

I'm about 7 pounds more than I thought....

I also took before pictures in a swimsuit, but I'm not going to put anyone through that torture of looking at them until I've lost some weight!!!

I also read somewhere that petite women (like myself) can weigh less than women 5'5 and over, but look much heavier than them. That's the reason I look like I've gained 40 pounds instead of only 20...

Well last night was definitely the motivation for me to change!! Now that I can see that number and I know what my goal is, I'm going for it!

I'm not going to obsess over the number on the scale, so I'm only going to "weigh-in" on Mondays and just try to push myself at the gym without thinking about the number.

I'm a little sore from yesterday, but I definitely could've pushed myself harder!! I've got my zune today, so maybe music will help me go longer and harder than I did yesterday

Monday, February 7, 2011

The 5K Training...

I have a friend who is about to turn 27. She made a list of things that she wants to in her 27th year and one of the things is she wants to run a 5k...well then it turned into a 10k! The woman is my inspiration!!  She also is working to reach her goal weight and has already lost 20 pounds!!

Well I'm not going to make a whole list of things that I want to do (yet) but I've been talking about training to run a 5K since last summer and by golly, I'm gonna do it!

I also would like to reach my goal weight of 114 lbs. I know a lot of people have told me that I look great the way I am and so on but I DON'T FEEL GREAT and I think that's the most important part! I have a very small frame, so the weight I'm at right now is actually dangerous territory for me... I was 120 when I graduated high school, I'm now around 135-140. I'm getting a scale tonight at walmart and will take a picture of the actual number.

I've never really felt very good about my body, so I'm wanting to change that and hopefully make this a complete life change so I can be an inspiration to my children if they ever struggle with self-esteem problems.

So today was Day 1 and I was to run/walk at 1 minute intervals 10 times for a total of 20 minutes. I was doing really really good and was almost done (i was on the 8th time I think) when I got a TERRIBLE cramp and nearly tumbled off the treadmill. I'm not going to move onto "day 2" training just yet until I can actually accomplish what I was supposed to do in Day 1 (but I'll just do it on Day 2...does that make sense?!)

Anyways, I'm hoping that the exercising will work better than my atkins plan did...Stephen and I are eating healthier thankfully, and I'm trying to cut out sugary drinks. I know this isn't going to be a quick fix, but my main goal is just to be healthier!!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Story

Ok, I STINK at blogging every day.
I guess I feel like "what's the point?" If no one is even reading this...

Well I've been reading a blog title ThatWife and it's kinda "inspired" me a little.

This time last year, I had just moved to Utah, was engaged, and soon to be married...(Ok so I wasn't engaged until the 23rd but I was almost there!)

And in 2009, I was taking the lessons with the missionaries. Who would've known (other than Heavenly Father) that I would be married to one of those boys just a year later.

So I'd like to go ahead and talk about my conversion story. I don't want to be limited to 160 words like I am in some places to talk about the most amazing experience of my life. I know that a lot of my friends and family don't agree with my decision, but I couldn't just deny the things that I felt because it might upset some people.
My whole "story" began with me dating a guy that I knew was LDS and me thinking I could save him and show him "truth." We would drive around town and have long talks about the differences in our faiths and it came to the point that he wasn't curious at all about my church, but I sure was curious about his. I had to go to Memphis because one of my uncles passed away, and while I was there I talked on the phone with a lot of people. (I'm sorry if this upsets someone after what I'm about to say but I don't want to hold back anything, I want the real story to be told) New years eve, I went to a party in Memphis with my cousin. We had a lot of "fun" and I watched everyone drink quite a bit. I also met a guy there...I don't remember his name but I do remember flirting with him a lot. That whole time that I was in Memphis I just felt empty and numb and cried more on that trip than I ever remember crying in my life. Everyone was giving me compliments on how beautiful I looked and how great my hair was and just so many things like that but I felt awful. I would spend a ton of time just looking in the mirror, becoming more and more obsessed with the outward appearance while trying to mask what was going on inside of me.
When I got home, I started talking more and more to said mormon boy. I googled the Book of Mormon and found I started reading the introduction to the book and praying (even in the shower) to let me know if this was true or not. I was so scared because I just KNEW that this couldn't be true. I had been told my whole life how wrong the mormons had it and that we needed to help them see the "truth". I prayed night and day and finally decided that I would go to church with the Sparkman family and give it a shot. When I got there, the church was actually brighter than the other churches in town. I don't know why that stuck out to me but it just was. I sat down and before I was there for 5 minutes there was already a group of little ladies shaking my hand and giving me hugs and acting like they'd known me their whole life. Not much different than the Baptist church in a small town but they gave me a label. Investigator.
During the first meeting, which was called sacrament meeting, they passed trays with bread and water. I'm used to communion which is little wafers that are like bread except more like a cracker and then grape juice. The water thing threw me off.
There were two little children that got up and sang a song with an adult. Also there was a little girl who spoke during this meeting, and I was amazed at how much a 5 year old could know. There wasn't just one pastor that gave a sermon, there were several people that got up and spoke. Some of them cried, and I didn't understand why they were crying. It was such a weird thing to me to see someone blubber over the pulpit. The songs weren't much different, still singing with a piano and a hymn book.
So the first meeting wasn't too bad...then to Sunday School. Me and mormon boy's sister went into a class with the other teens that are still in high school. One of the boys kept falling asleep but I knew this was my chance to participate so I paid extreme attention. We started talking about things in Doctrine and Covenants and I realized that I didn't have that in my bible. Brother Sparkman (our teacher) took a little time out of the lesson to try to explain to me about Joseph Smith but this was a lot of information to receive in one day so all I really remember was him showing me the cover to Our Heritage and explaining what a personage was. It really didn't make much sense and I was really starting to feel overwhelmed.
Then we went to Young Women's. There was so much to take in that first Sunday that I really don't remember much. I know that our teacher in YW let me pick a song from the hymn book so that I would be able to sing along. I picked How great thou art and belted it out very loudly. They'd never heard me sing, so what an introduction to my voice! I felt awkward. It was so new and everyone kept saying words that I didn't understand like reverent, investigator, sacrament, atonement....etc. I felt like these people had a completely different education than I had but we had all been going to the same High school!
So finally...the three hours were over...I was invited to go over to the Sparkman's house for dinner and I was definitely ready to eat and sleep! I was also invited to a fireside in Monahans but I thought it was kinda strange that they told me to still wear my sunday clothes to a camp fire?! But I went like they said...I didn't know we were going to church again... By this time I was SO overwhelmed with emotions and just felt so confused. These people were so nice to me but there were so weird too...I didn't know if I believed it or if I should run! Well after the fireside, we went into a room to eat some lasagna and cookies. Well I was left in there by myself because Sam had to go plan out the next fireside and Mormon Boy was still in class....So there I am...surrounded by mormons and eating lasagna...with a lip ring..and pink strands in my hair...
In walks a boy with a name tag and he's singing. I'd met elders before and had even talked to them a couple of times so I was really happy when I saw him! He walked over to the table and introduced himself as "Elder Chucay" but when he said his last name I had to look at the name tag again and ask him to say one more time because the way he said it and the spelling just did NOT match up. Well FINALLY Mormon Boy was out of class and he was talking to Elder Chucay's companion Elder Beesley. We all 4 start talking like normal young adults and joking around but then Elder Beesley asks me "Hey so where are you from and why haven't we met you yet?" (They thought I was just less active) So I felt really awkward and was wanting to just sprint all the way home! But thankfully Mormon Boy took over for me and told them I was that Investigator word again....Well Elder Chucay was very happy and they both wanted my phone number and address so they could come "talk" to me sometime. I still to this day think that those 2 tricked me, but I'm not hostile. On the car ride back to Pecos, The family wanted to talk about the different lessons that we'd had. I really couldn't take much more. Mormon Boy asked his dad to stop talking and I just started bawling...I couldn't explain what I felt but I felt like everything that I'd know my whole life had been turned completely upside down and I was beginning to question everything!

So the missionaries called and set up our first appointment to meet up at the Sparkman's house.

To Be Continued.......

Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 4 & 5

Day 4 a habit you wish you didn't have:
I wish I didn't have the habit of leaving my clothes on the floor. It's been better lately because I just leave them in the bathroom now but I used to leave them EVERYWHERE!

Day 5 a picture of somewhere you've been:
A wonderful little place in Kayesville!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 3

Day 3 is supposed to be a pic of you and your friends but I don't have any pictures with me and my friends just me and my husband and heck he's my BESTEST friend :) 

Day 2

The meaning behind my blog name:

 I'm thinking it's talking about blairbychooky and that's pretty easy... Blairby is a nickname from Kelsey who thinks that all the coolest people should have a 'y' at the end of their name. And Chooky because I'm a Chucay now, therefore I'm Mrs. Chooky. (Chooky is Stephen's nickname from high school I believe)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Day 1

So here's a daily challenge to see if I can blog every day for 30 days....
Here's Day 1! 

1. I'm married 
2. We're getting sealed in the Bountiful Temple
3. I study Cosmetology 
4. I'm from Texas
5. I was born in New Orleans
6. I can beat boys at burping contests.
7. I wear tube socks
8. I was the White Queen in Alice in Wonderland
9. My husband's Ecuadorian
10. I am not. 
11. My mom lives in Tennessee
12. Dad lives in Texas
13. I live in Utah
14. I change my hair...often
15. I want a dog/babies. 

If you want to participate- here are the daily questions!
Day 1 - A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself
Day 2 - The meaning behind your Blog name
Day 3 - A picture of you and your friends
Day 4 - A habit that you wish you didn’t have
Day 5- A picture of somewhere you’ve been to
Day 6 - Favorite super hero and why
Day 7 - A picture of someone/something that has the biggest impact on you
Day 8 - Short term goals for this month and why
Day 9 - Something you’re proud of in the past few days
Day 10- Songs you listen to when you are Happy, Sad, Bored, Hyped, Mad
Day 11 - Another picture of you and your friends
Day 12- How you found out about Blogs and why you made one
Day 13 - A letter to someone who has hurt you recently
Day 14- A picture of you and your family
Day 15 - Put your iPod on shuffle: First 10 songs that play
Day 16 - Another picture of yourself
Day 17 - Someone you would want to switch lives with for one day and why
Day 18- Plans/dreams/goals you have
Day 19- Nicknames you have; why do you have them
Day 20 - Someone you see yourself marrying/being with in the future
Day 21 - A picture of something that makes you happy
Day 22 - What makes you different from everyone else
Day 23 - Something you crave for a lot
Day 24- A letter to your parents
Day 25 - What I would find in your bag
Day 26- What you think about your friends
Day 27 - Why are you doing this 30 day challenge
Day 28- A picture of you last year and now, how have you changed since then?
Day 29 - In this past month, what have you learned
Day 30- Who are you?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Our Prophet

Thomas S. Monson is rarely caught NOT smiling, so one of my New Years resolutions is going to be:


I hope that some of you will join me.
Thank you Jess for sharing this wonderful picture and helping me to realize what I need to focus on :) 

Relief has come... (this was supposed to be posted on Nov 30)

Stephen and I can finally be relieved to know that we have our own place!
We just moved into a little one bedroom apartment, and although it's not the best place on the planet, it's home!

The Diet Plan....

Lately I've been thinking a lot about the weight I've gained since Stephen and I got married, but I don't want to be a yo-yo dieter. I guess it's a good thing that it's new years, because I've decided that it's time to change my diet. I learned a long time ago that diet isn't something that you do to lose weight, it's literally the WAY you eat. So if you're "going on a diet" you're really just CHANGING your diet.

When I first heard about Atkins from my dad, I was really young so I didn't think very much about it other than he couldn't have bread and that was torture for me!! But now that I'm older I've researched it and realized that it's not that he can't have bread, he just can't have WHITE bread because believe it or not...IT'S BAD FOR YOU. And so are white's the same thing in every "diet" book. Switch to whole grains and you'll be healthier. Our entire nation eats a lot of junk and it's always the people that are in the most trouble with their health that have the best nutrition advice.

I've decided to change my diet to a low carb diet, and when I start adding carbs back I'm going to switch to whole grains like brown rice, and whole wheat bread. I know people hear Atkins and think bad thoughts, but if it's done CORRECTLY it's very healthy! I'm going to be eating more salads than I ever have in my life, and getting the protein that my body needs. It's all about moderation.

I hope I don't offend anyone by this post, but I get really tired of everyone being nutrition experts. I know what's right for my body and I know what I need to change to be healthier. Stephen and I were living off of Ramen noodles and Mac and Cheese...although that's cheaper, we both have gained quite a bit of weight. I'll give this a shot, and see how it goes. I'll be updating hopefully more than I have been lately. I want Stephen and I to be healthy and I want us to raise healthy children.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Picture update!!!

Here's a bunch of pictures from the Fall '10! 

Don't mind the eyeliner Stephen's wearing...this was during the play "Alice in Wonderland"

Grandpa fell while we were hiking :(

The move...

Surprise Visit!!!
                                                     This is Rob ^ and this is my mom

Temple Square!!!