Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Some Recording in the Studio...

That's right. You just read that. Stephen and I got to record a couple of demo tracks in his friend's studio!
It was so much fun and definitely an experience I'd like to create again!
I sang Gunpowder and Lead (Covering Miranda Lambert) and I must say my Southern twang came out quite a bit!

On another note..Hehe get it? Singing..notes...nevermind....
Tonight Stephen and I are going to talk about a couple of things and with important decisions comes....
drumroll please!


I don't know about anyone else but the best thing about this crazy weather is bundling up in tons of cute clothing and sipping on some amazing hot cocoa. I like to spruce mine up a little bit so here's a couple of tips for ya next time you have a mug!

*Try adding a mini candy cane to your cup and just let it melt in
*Don't be fulled by the "marshmallow lovers" mix...Get real marshmallows!
*Hershey's kisses, 'nuff said
*I like to add French Vanilla Coffee Mate too!!

So I think I'll go have some hot cocoa now!!! Have a great night everyone and feel free to share your tricks for hot wintery drinks!

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  1. I love Coffee Mate...except I like Hazlenut and stuff like that! I'm so excited about hot chocolate season...even though it's freezing out there. Only five more months. Only five more months. haha.