Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Finding my Blogging Voice

I just read a couple of articles about Blogging 101 and finding my Blogging Voice.

I'd really like to know what my blogging voice is and where it went since I'm gonna go "find" it.

Anyhow, I would like a purpose for this blog more than just a "hey this is my day today and tomorrow and now I won't write for a few months"....

I'm not sure what I should write about because I honestly don't think I'm very interesting and since this started as a way to keep long distance family updated...I don't know what to do now that we're back in Utah and my other family probably won't read any of this.

Recipes? Crafts? Music?


Challenge me to something and let's see if I can do it and I'll blog about the experiences (Kinda like Julie&Julia)

7 Followers!!! *Gasp*

Oh my heavens! I have 7 followers!! Bahaha!!

So tonight is the night! I am officially getting on the clinic floor tonight at school. It's kinda crazy to think that it's already been 10 weeks of "training" but I guess it has!
I'm really nervous that I'm going to get a haircut my first night, but if I do, I'll just have to pretend like I know what the heck I'm doing!

Color on the other hand, I'm super excited to do! I didn't think I would understand formulations and stuff but I actually get it! Woot go me! Now repigmentation....that's another story!

Anyways, I better head out!

I'm trying to think of things to write on here so does anyone have suggestions for days of the week things like Spiritual Sundays or anything like that?

Some Recording in the Studio...

That's right. You just read that. Stephen and I got to record a couple of demo tracks in his friend's studio!
It was so much fun and definitely an experience I'd like to create again!
I sang Gunpowder and Lead (Covering Miranda Lambert) and I must say my Southern twang came out quite a bit!

On another note..Hehe get it? Singing..notes...nevermind....
Tonight Stephen and I are going to talk about a couple of things and with important decisions comes....
drumroll please!


I don't know about anyone else but the best thing about this crazy weather is bundling up in tons of cute clothing and sipping on some amazing hot cocoa. I like to spruce mine up a little bit so here's a couple of tips for ya next time you have a mug!

*Try adding a mini candy cane to your cup and just let it melt in
*Don't be fulled by the "marshmallow lovers" mix...Get real marshmallows!
*Hershey's kisses, 'nuff said
*I like to add French Vanilla Coffee Mate too!!

So I think I'll go have some hot cocoa now!!! Have a great night everyone and feel free to share your tricks for hot wintery drinks!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Back In Utah!

So It's been a couple of months so I figured maybe it's time to update on the fact that WE'RE BACK IN UTAH! Not that anyone didn't already know that!

I'm so ready for christmas....

Right now Stephen is asleep and I got a nice case of insomnia. Our plans for the next few months are as follows:
1. Get ourselves out of debt (We aren't too far in so it should be relatively easy...dang that new car!)
2. Get an apartment
3. Get Sealed (March 25 baby!)
4. Endure to the end...Oh wait...that doesn't go there

Anyways, as of right now we're living in the in-laws basement and I'm sure they'd probably like to have some alone time again...so we're hoping to get out of here asap! I'm very grateful that they have been here for us though and even though I've been extremely homesick lately, mom has helped out enormously in making me feel welcome. I think I have some of the best in-laws a girl could ask for!

That's a nice little update for everyone (Since I have SOOOO many readers haha)