Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Busy Busy Bugs...

Working in the Pest Control industry is some tough work!!
It may only be crazy during the summer, but when it's crazy, it's CRAZAY!!!

I finally was able to get all caught up on my work today and actually went ASK my supervisors if there was something for me to do! *Gasp*

Last night Stephen and I went over to the Levie's apartment and they had two girls from their singles ward over which were two very awesome girls!
I didn't take as many pictures as I wanted to but I might just have a complete picture blog soon FULL of all the pics we've taken this summer :)
I really need to get better at taking pics again...I used to always have a camera in my hands!

Well I just wanted a quick little shout out, maybe a pic blog later?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A small recap of the last few weeks...

I'm really not the best at keeping a blog but I want to make this available for family to look at so they know what's going on in our lives so HOPEFULLY I can get better at it! 

Stephen and I have been pretty busy lately with work, and for a week I was actually working full time! 
I've recently received a calling in primary teaching CTR 8 with about 5-8 girls each Sunday. It's been the most interesting thing lately to try to prepare for a lesson with them. They never understand what I'm talking about and I usually feel like they're giving me the glazed look, but I sure hope I can start to get through to them. They're such a great bunch and we really have been blessed with some wonderful people in our Ward!! 

I've made several friends at church and I feel I'm finally starting to get comfortable around everyone at work (just in time for us to almost be done with this place!) 

We invited the missionaries over last Sunday and just had such a wonderful Sabbath!!

We've babysat Boston (Our boss's son) and he's the COOLEST kid to hang out with! He makes Stephen and I laugh so hard and we decided that when we have kids, we're gonna try Baby wise!! 

Our friend Greg left to go back home, and although that felt heart wrenching, we now have the Levies to  keep us entertained! 

There's probably a lot more but mainly, Stephen would die if I forgot to mention this....

Farewell for now!