Wednesday, March 31, 2010

One month after the vows....

So since I'm new to the blogging world (kinda) I figured I would go ahead and tell the WWW about me and my husband.

This morning we discussed things like what we'd like to become as we grow into our adult lives and what our goals are for this summer. We're here in Houston for a summer sales job and by January, we should have a nice start to our lives. We'd like to continue doing this for a few years so we can meet the goal of having our own combined art/music studio.

Stephen is an actor/musician and I'm a wannabe art nerd.

We were married on Feb.27, 2010.

Life's been an adventure for the last month, and I must say I've cried quite a bit!

I'm really inspired by Elsie Flannigan and I hope that Stephen and I can move to Missouri so we can get in on that art/music scene that is there!!